iTV and Price Comparisons on Products

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One of my students in a paper on the Direct Response Television industry (DRTV) wrote something that jogged an obvious idea in my head. DRTV providers to iTV systems (just think simply of DVRs like TiVo for now) can allow viewers to price compare advertised products. In addition, iTV will make it possible for viewer/purchasers to select a payment scheme from more than the one option currently allowed on linear DRTV advertising (think Bowflex).
Courtesy of http://www.motorwerksbmw.com This is a web page, but hints at what could be done on television.


Online Examples of Interactive Television

I am asking my Freshmen 1010 class to post video examples of interactive television systems. The one I found is

So what can the students find? Check the comments portion of this post.