IPTV Production


"While traditional satellite TV and Cable services can cost easily in excess of $90/month, this new satellite technology literally turns your home PC into an international television broadcasting unit, allowing you to view all of your favorite & once unattainable programs with one easy click of your mouse. Watching TV on your PC has never been easier!

"Our product has been in development for over 7 years, and has been revamped by experts from Microsoft and IBM. With hundreds of thousands of dollars of research and development put into this product, Desktop Satellite TV is indeed the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to view international television in today’s high paced environment."


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"Watching satellite TV on your PC has never been easier!" I agree with this.

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i am looking for something else to switch from my cable TV that i cost a lot per month. thank you for this post. i am absolute going to try this.

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IPTV is becoming to play important role in our daily life nowadays.Especially we are the migrated people here in Australia always want to know the news from home country.In this case, the IPTV can help to overcome any distance.

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