Simple Media Taxonomy

For my Tele 4450 students, fall 2009. This is a very simple media taxonomony.


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Coconut shell charcoal is sold in Thailand.

- The idea of ​​us are in use in the production of renewable energy. In the future, and charcoal. Due to a shortage of timber with a small amount to me. We see here that we will produce charcoal from coconut shell, and how?
- I have some shells that make charcoal. From the left hand side to see that a lot. From a variety of industries such as manufacturing activities to be finished. What to plant native plants and even fresh coconut jelly. Shell fragments are large, this causes the problem. The factory is enormous. Since there are no disposal or storage volume to make destruction.

- Coconut shell that has been burned by the heat. Then the shell that has gone through a sieve. Sift the remaining pieces of shell, but pure. To get a piece of coconut shell quality for Produce good quality charcoal.
- Figure shows the left hand side. A piece of coconut shell charcoal to burn a single treatment, and I was gliding through the remaining pieces of shell, but only (100% of the shell after shell charcoal is left over to burn just 20% only).

- Raw coconut shell charcoal. Put through the grinder by the compressed mixture. The charcoal to get the highest quality. To obtain high-quality charcoal is ready to export Thai products to foreign countries to move away to a foreign idea to most.
- The machine is shown at left. The charcoal briquette and milling machines. Mixer together. A machine that has as much power as we have a production capacity of more than 1500 kg per day. Can operate continuously for 24 hours.
- After the high-power air out. The true product. We need to bring charcoal oven charcoal to reduce the moisture in the meat. For coal delivered to the market the best quality. The high heat. The least moisture. We use charcoal oven baking time up to 3 days for captive coal moisture in the meat as little as possible.
- Figure shows the left hand side. The oven of our own design to the oven. Quality suitable for charcoal production at the most. Packaging for baking, most charcoal. And most convenient to work with.
- The product we put out of the oven. Takes a very long time to 3 days to be sure. The meat of the coconut shell charcoal is less moisture as possible.
- Figure shows the left hand side. The charcoal briquette after removed from oven, we put away the moisture. To let air cooling is reduced. Before filling out the charcoal. Because if the heat in the coal is reduced. If we are to contain. Cobbles in the heat. May make charcoal. Ignite them. This procedure must be aware of most.
- After the coal is not hot. No moisture already We will block it. Charcoal has the size the customer ordered. The package depends on the client that needs to be packaged with the length does. Below is a customer order.
- The show has been trimmed. Supplied in a box and brought down to delivery. The customer.
- Stuffing box. I focused on this box. As agreed with me that what the client needs to contain what kind of a corrugated layer. How much is the box size. We managed to get everything out of it.
- The goods. Delivered to customers in the harbor. In order to load entering into the incubator new trainer. By the customer it will be transported by truck Transportation from the factory. To entering into the incubator at Bangkok Port. Or a client meeting. But the customer has ordered it. We take into account the time of delivery to the customer is always here.
- The process of packaging entering into the incubator. It is another step that we are not equally. Because we understand that customers want, packed into containers as possible. We are regularly arranged. Tight as possible so that most goods entering into the incubator as well.


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