Online Examples of Interactive Television

I am asking my Freshmen 1010 class to post video examples of interactive television systems. The one I found is

So what can the students find? Check the comments portion of this post.



At 21 February, 2008 20:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good example. Woudl be nice to see more. Can we?

At 10 November, 2008 21:44, Blogger kimrennin said...

There are more than 15 million IPTV subscribers around the world according to the figures released today at the Broadband World Forum Asia in Hong Kong. It's double the number of subscribers from a year earlier. That's out of 370 million broadband internet connections.
Of particular interest is the geographical diistribution of customers. More than half of all IPTV subscribers worldwide are in Europe. North America is in third place with fewer than a third as many subscribers.
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