IPTV Subscribers Up 64% in 2008

IPTV Bandwidth Growth | 60% of All Consumer IP Traffic in 2008

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A report by technology company Cisco Systems Inc suggests that, in 2008, 60% of all consumer IP traffic will be generated by commercial video services, or IPTV.

It also says 2008 will be the first year where consumer IP traffic will exceed business traffic.
Source: http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/rich-tehrani/uploads/iptv.jpg
According to the report, high-definition video services and high-speed broadband will see IP traffic almost double every 2 years through to 2011. It also predicts internet video streaming and downloads will account for 30% of all internet traffic in that year.

But as early as 2009, IPTV services bandwidth will eclipse that of internet video-to-PC streaming and downloads, suggests the report.