Forecasting New Media in Las Vegas

The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas. CES, oddly enough, probably has more to do with the 2006 Christmas selling season at best than what you can buy today. In addition, there are presumably more flops, a lot more flops, than future successful products on display here. Still, the benefits of checking it out are 1) seeing where things stand and 2) seeing what the "buzz" is about this year. I strongly believe IPTV is about to explode onto the stage, and maybe I'll just have to take a look at the CES show and see how many instances of IPTV related products and services are being shown.

Readers and students of new media, it's engineering conferences where you go to see what will be coming down the pike in 3 to especially 5 years. The CES stage means they have products working, but engineering conferences show where companies are investing their R&D dollars. Questions? Add you comments now!

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