Hospital(not -ity) Interactive Television

There's an even more captive audience than those in the hospitality industry, and those are hospital patients. One company, TVR Communications, furnishes hospitals with interactive television that includes everything from patient information to video games. For the geek readers, the graphic depicts both the traditional video network and the newer IP (internet) network. The following comes from http://www.tvrc.com/aboutus_profile.php on 23 July 2006:

About TVR Communications LLC

With over four-million paid subscriptions per year, a 24/7 call center providing easy
access for patients and staff, and a team of field service engineers, technicians, graphic designers, and software and hardware engineers, TVR Communications is the largest developer and single-source supplier of interactive digital media solutions, television/telephone subscription programs, patient education and audio/visual products and services in the healthcare industry. Over 3.7 million patients – the most in the industry – have benefited from TVR Communications’ interactive media technology to improve the quality of their hospital stay experience. TVR Communications products and services increase patient satisfaction, reduce
the burden on nurses, provide staff and patient education, as well as verification and reporting. Additionally, TVR Communications’ subscription programs and entertainment content offerings provide additional sources of revenue for healthcare organizations.

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