From the looks of their web site, anyway, OnCommand is a distant second to LodgeNet for providing digital media services to the hospitality industry. By their own accounts, they have significantly fewer rooms and users/year as well. But these two appear to be the main competitors in this arena (er, eh, I mean "space").

The following is a direct quote from hoovers.com, accessed 19 July 2006:

Kick off your shoes, remote in hand, click on a flick, it's On Command! Through subsidiaries On Command Video (OCV) and others, the company is a leading provider of in-room entertainment services for hotels, motels, and resorts. The company supplies pay-per-view movies, games, and Internet access to more than 800,000 rooms, mostly in major hotel chains. On Command operates in more than 20 countries, and the firm has teamed with DIRECTV for programming and with Sony's PlayStation for video games. Its broadband Internet services, accessible by TV, are provided via its OCX platform. On Command is a wholly owned subsidiary of TV programming giant Liberty Media Corporation.

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