Usenet "news groups" predate the web by many years. They were public bulletin boards that were originally dominated by computer science students and faculty, but the topics quickly expanded. Google bought Usenet (would sounds like "Google bought the earth's atmosphere") which is probably good news to newbies.

rec.arts.tv.interactive is a group I'd love to see become more active. I thought by posting it here in my blog, it might get a little more attention.

For those of you new to what google calls "groups," their names are like telephone numbers in that the most general name is first and then the names become more specific. Hence, rec. is an enormous general category, arts is very big, tv is not as big, and interactive has 8 members if I am reading the group correctly.

I am working on culling calls for papers to post on my blog and to rec.arts.tv.interactive

If anyone knows of any conferences that are looking for iTV papers (the conference itself can be more general), please either post a comment here or sign up for rec.arts.tv.interactive and post it there.

More to come.

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