HDTV Progress Report and HDTV Links

I am teaching a course on emerging new media focusing on interactive television and other emerging new media. This week we will examing the current status of HDTV in the United States. Because HDTV, like iTV, is a fluid topic, the links to content that is regularly updated will be the best way to use this post today and in the coming months.

I beg, plead and cajole my students to use the new research tools available to them. These include:

  1. commununity bulletin boards specifically on HDTV

  2. Podcasts you can listen to while folding laundry (or actually in your iPod)

  3. Newsgroups now owned by Google and lumped into groups.google.com

History of HDTV

A chronology of HDTV

Internet 2 guarantees HDTV video services on demand (better get on board the train rather than get run over by it)

Consumer Overviews

American ABC Network HDTV Explanation

HDTV Magazine

http://engadget.com/ Today's (21 February 2006) issue knocks my socks off. If this is typical, this site is worth checking and/or adding to your RSS newsreader

engaget.com and http://hdtv.engadget.com/


ruel.net has been online for years

Video Technology Magazine: HDTV (dead)

Display Company Web Sites

Texas Instruments DLP invented in 1987!

Thanks to http://www.audioholics.com/ for the following

These were based on 2004 specs (Tele 4450 class: hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.)
Digital Light Processing (DLP) Television and Projectors

Liquid Crystal Diode (LCD) Televisions

Plasma Screen
Televisions & Displays

Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) Rear Projection Televisions

High Temperature Poly-Silicon (HTPS) LCD Projection

Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) LCOS Projection

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Direct View and RPTV

You may use this content (better still, argue with me!), but please cite my ideas as © 2006, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein. Must be viewed in Firefox thanks to Microsoft going its own way.


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