IPTV Means Democratic Video Distribution

IPTV is probably exactly what you think it is: Internet protocol television. Now, do you really need to understand the Internet protocol? No. You need to understand what it makes possible. Simply put, IPTV allows the use of the Internet to distribute video and, more specifically, television. Of course it will be possible to have HD over IPTV. It doesn't take an engineer to understand this, either.

I am an expert in technology forecasting. Interestingly, you need not be an engineer to forecast technological developments. You can find information about technology forecasting by, yes, going to your university library and finding books on technology forecasting. One of my favorites is (forgive the lack of APA style) Technological Forecasting for Decision Making. 2nd Edition. By Martino. OU# T 174 .M38 1983 This field is well established.

So what about the future of IPTV? Well, this is one of the easiest new media technologies to forecast. IPTV will be embraced by program providers, especially those who have few, if any other options such as independent documentary producers and other perhaps minority voices such as those who are critical of the war in Iraq (in the U.S., precious few voices have heard documenting the dark side of war and specifically the war in Iraq). In addition, new television programs can be taken straight to the people allowing them to decide what's popular, possibly putting the new content onto mainstream outlets such as commercial television.

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At 21 March, 2006 14:17, Anonymous David Porter said...

I'm an officer of the 24hr Film Club at UGA and we were recently approached by the Media Content Specialist for a new online TV channel, Kaneva. They were looking to use our shorts as programming for the channel, so it seems that IPTV is alive and well.


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