Learning from the hospitality industry

One industry that is "under the radar" for those of us who study media for a living is the use of television and other digital (read: Internet) services while staying in a hotel or even a cruise ship) is the hospitality industry. Who cares? Well, I do. I'd love to see the data on how travelers use interactive television in their rooms. That's right! The hospitality industry has some trade secrets that would be nice to know about. I heard a statistic one time that said the average movie in a room was played for only a few minutes. I have a theory on that if it's true, and I'm sure you can figure it out as well.

We can search the hospitalitynet web site by search terms such as LodgeNet or OnCommand. See the posts above this one for information on those 2 companies.

Kudos to Ken Freed for being on this story! Definitely go to media-visions.com/itv-hoteltv.html.

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