103-Inch Plasma Now Available

Its effective display area is more than 89.3 inches wide by more than 50.2 inches high.

I received this news from http://www.twice.com/article/CA6354788.html on 19 July 2006. I'd like to see what JD Powers and associates say about plasma TVs, because, fairly or unfairly, my sense has been that people have been shying away from them due to known technical difficulties. I personally have a plasma display in my lab, and it began experiencing problems within 2 1/2 years despite the fact that it may have been used about 20 hours per week. Oh, the price is one only a rich innovator could consider: $69,000. This means the plasma display is worth more than most luxury cars.

A company rep is quoted in the press release that “Panasonic didn’t create the world’s largest plasma TV as a technology demo for a trade show,”
Panasonic's press release specifically says it is not intended to be a business display device (it certainly won't be mobile). My assumption is that business users will be about the only ones to pay this hefty price. And there will be no, repeat, no economies of scale in production because Panasonic plans to do a Burger King and build them only "to order."

Far more important to the plasma and HDTV world is that Panasonic plans to shit the 65W-inch 1,080p model, TH-65PX600U, with a $9,999.95 suggested retail price in September. This "manufacturer's suggested retail price" means that the real price likely will be lower in retail stores.

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