Death of CRT TV Sets

How many CRT displays are currently sold in the computer industry? Without looking it up, I think we'd all agree that they are going the way of the monochrome TV set (which is still available in very small screen sizes presumably for workshops, boats, and other areas where they are used to pick off over-the-air broadcast signals away from home). Ny students know I am fond of making predictions and it is, in fact, an area of academic interest for me. I thought 15 years ago that we'd be buying TV sets with IBM and Apple name plates among others. It didn't happen, but the relevance of all the flat panel displays pouring into the computer marketplace is that economies of scale will keep pushing prices dowm, and that will spill over into the television/video display market, and surely already has. The difference is that video monitors tend to outsize their PC counterparts. Interestingly, many consumers are being introduced to true HDTV via computers such as laptops with wide screen displays, also capable of playing widescreen HDTV videos.

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