The Death of Video on Discs?

"Memory chip threat to hard discs", as reported at bbcnews.com: "Hailed as 'the most significant memory invention of the decade', magnetoresistive random-access memory or MRAM could one day overthrow hard discs and flash memory."
Now the inferential leap from videotape to disc technology was an easy one, it may take more of a geek to fully explain this. There seems to be a consensus that this new memory chip will not be used in computers in part because it's too expensive.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/5202486.stm, accessed 24 July 2006.

Based on what I've read, in the short term MRAM will be used for portable devices presumably including cell phones, video game consoles, and portable video. To the extend magnetic disc technology is reaching physical limitations, many in the storage industry expect to see MRAM become a player, but not in computers and not in the immediate future. That's why you have teaser headlines like "The Death of Video on Discs?" This is one to watch, and if you go to those engineering and/or telecom engineering conferences, look for sessions about MRAM, its implications and its possible implementations.

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