Here Comes the Video Game Remote (Told 'ya!)

You may use this content (better still, argue with me!), but please cite my ideas as (c) 2005, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein.

As the Christmas selling season is already beginning (hey, I don't make the news, I just report what I see), Polaroid has a new car DVD player with 2 screens. But, of course, what caught my eye was the use of the video game player interface. Now I don't have one nor have I run to the store to check it out, but I would not be surprised if the game controller is also used as the television controller.

For the record, this is the Polaroid 7" Dual-Screen Car DVD Player with Game Controller & Built-In Games. Having done participant observer research last Christmas working on the sales floor for a major electronics store, I can tell you these car DVD players will be very popular this year.

The key point from my perspective is the mainstreaming of the video game controller. It is an enabling technology for interactive television.


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