Writers Guild Protests TV Product Placements

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I'm posting this because what's old is new again. As sponsors peppered television shows of the past with various advertising messages (think Geritol and "automobiles furnished by Ford Motors"), they must do so now. Why? The opportunities for audience avoidance of regular commercial pods during broadcast (and recorded) television shows continue to expand. How about a quick game of Tetris while you're waiting for your live show to return?

Writers Guild Protests TV Product Placements

Adage.com, September 27, 2005

Demonstrating against the practice of product placement in TV programs, a group of protestors armed with Writers Guild of America West literature disrupted the Madison & Vine session of Advertising Week at New York University's Skirbal Center in Greenwich Village. Fliers being distributed by protestors outside the session said WPA West "is concerned about the runaway growth of product integration in reality TV." Source: http://www.adage.com/news.cms?newsId=46197


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