Nintendo Unveils New Game Controller: A TV Remote?

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Gee, could I have been more wrong with my previous post? One thing you gotta love about me is I'll point out evidence that challenges anything I say. So I found a news item that contradicts my last point that there's no reason to reinvent the wheel in interactive television interface devices: follow the leaders (video game providers).

If you saw Tom Cruise in Minority Report, then you know that using an interactive device that works in three dimenstions is the latest example of life imitating art. In the case of the Nintendo remote:

The controller's most notable feature — invisible in still images — is that players will be able to affect onscreen movement by moving the controller through the air. With the help of two sensors positioned on each side of their TV, Revolution gamers will be able to twist, tilt and flick the controller in order to aim in first-person shooters, steer in racing games and zoom in for a closer view of onscreen action.

Well, how interesting, indeed, but where is the research data to indicate whether users (especially experienced ones) will want to switch? It's a tall order. Another research opportunity. To read more about it, go to MTV News.


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