Interactive Video Entertainment and Bell South

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This is what the average person on the street may think of when you say "interactive television," but I'd say this is an odd publicity stunt by Bell South. I hope someone from Bell South challenges that statement. From TechLinks and dated Wednesday, September 28, 2005:

When the Tennessee Repertory Theatre in Nashville set out to create a groundbreaking theatrical experience with sister-city partner, Theater Magdeburg, they had no idea that they would set a standard for new uses of streaming video across two continents. The two theatres have joined artistic forces to produce the world's first truly transatlantic production, made possible by broadband data services provided by BellSouth.

Performed simultaneously in Magdeburg, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee, the cast of five actors in Nashville and five in Magdeburg interact via projection feeds and large video screens. Empowered by BellSouth's network, the connection integrates voice and video elements to create seamless real-time viewing on either side of the Atlantic.


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