Multitasking on Multiple Screens

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I've wondered over the years why we spent so much money on video display devices in our homes. Newer HDTVs can easily cost well over $1000, but they are not purchased (conjecture) to be used as computer monitors.
This new study by Ball State University gives some indication of media multitasking. Is it possible that the hearth TV (the large, flat-screen HDTVs that people are mounting above their fireplaces for a whole new angle of TV viewing) will remain TV only while the bedroom sees a convergence of PC and TV? Bedrooms are more private as is the reading of email and surfing the internet. Perhaps single adults will use the hearth TV for various "feeds," but instead of the "lean forward, lean back" metaphor, we should be thinking of public versus private use of electronic media (especially video).

© 2005, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein


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