Deloitte: Voice over IP, analysts forecasting $1 trillion revenue by 2010

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OK, once again here is a news release of a forecast to drum up interest in investors. Forecasting out even 5 years is dangerous, especially when you're dealing with the future. Some forecasts add disclaimers about war and pestilence, but those cannot be dismissed this time. OK, so away we go (assuming our economies are not brought down by war and pestilence):

"Now, the report says, a wealth of convergence products and services is emerging, from online music to Internet Protocol (IP) appliances. Each of these offerings satisfies a real customer need -- and most are already generating real revenue and earnings.

"Some of the most significant converged services are expected to be from Voice over IP, with industry analysts forecasting $1 trillion in revenue by 2010. In addition, Internet Protocol (IP) appliances, which will include next- generation digital music players, home entertainment services, home video phones and enterprise collaboration services, will also generate sizeable revenue. Other emerging products and services expected to generate substantial revenues by 2010 include enterprise collaboration software, IP television, mobile phone content, networked games and online music."

(Well, kudos to anyone who can collect enough data to prove it's $1 trillion in 2010.) Interesting that they don't seem to see IPTV as one of the primary contributors to 2010 revenues.

Wow, read all the corporate disclaimers at http://www.deloitte.com/us.


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