iTV Services Are Rolling Out

2 or 3 years ago (yup, that recent) my .... hmmm ... how to say this tactfully... OK, some important peers of mine at my place of employment had comments like "you can't even define interactive television" and "they've been talking about interactive television for years" [this is an enlightened colleague because, of course, they have], policy studies are the way to go (having nothing to do with iTV), etc.

Now we are moving into our own little "dot.com" era for iTV which definitely means that there will be quite a few players who don't make it and some who will fly. If a major cable company or one of the satellite providers chooses an iTV provider, that will provide such a company with quite a shot of capital.

For example, Cablevision (which has its roots in my small home town and a few around it in Ohio) has a service called Optimum.

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