Video on the Web on the Elections

I'm not sure who is keeping track of the diffusion of video on the web, but it is extremely impressive. In reading a story about the Ohio governor's race, I followed a link to MarketWatch.com At that site are a number of videos including wrap-ups of the election featuring an interviewer and an expert in front of a green screen with a nice "Election 2006" graphic.

It's becoming apparent that many "old media" providers and information providers like MarketWatch are putting up videos on the web. This does not surprise me in the sense that the cost of video production has dropped dramatically in the last decade (that will reverse itself until HDTV is well established). What intrigues me is who will prefer the information presented in video format versus reading. My personal strong preference is for video because I like to multitask. I've already noticed in my own use that highly engaging video content will lead me back to just the video task (and not multitasking).

We do live in interesting times.

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