IPTV to Arrive Shocklingly Fast

accessed 2 August 2006

Go ahead and quote me: the growth and impact of IPTV are being underestimated. It's easy to recall overly optimistic forecasts (HDTV existed in the early 1980s), but sometimes emerging media surprise everyone. Backyard C-band satellite receivers became commonplace in Appalachia, CDs replaced LPs in only a few years, and DVDs shocked the video world. IPTV is out there already life a fertile field waiting to be seeded. So a sample article from today:

"And IPTV will provide new revenue streams never before explored by these entities..."

My own research expertise includes forecasting new media, so I will disavow any endorsement of the following article other than to note that if everyone believes IPTV is the next wave, there could be an ensuing stampede creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. My students note that this source is biased favorably to the diffusion of IPTV products and services. They are not nuetra. Please note that IPTV makes possible the notion of video content anywhere, any time. It's difficult to exaggerate the potential changes in the electronic media businesses even 5 years from now:

Demand for digital TV content seen surging

By Riza T. Olchondra
Last updated 07:08am (Mla time) 08/02/2006

DEMAND for digital TV content is expected to surge, and whoever can best provide Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) will dominate the market, an official of router specialist Juniper Networks Ltd. said.

IPTV will blur the business lines between telecommunications companies, cable operators, Internet service providers and content providers, said Peter Lam, the marketing manager of Juniper Networks based in Hong Kong.

And IPTV will provide new revenue streams never before explored by these entities, Lam said.

IPTV is a system in which TV programs are delivered in digital format to subscribers through a broadband connection. It is often bundled with VOD, or video on demand, and may also include Internet services, such as Web access and voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP.

Apart from giving consumers the means to enjoy smooth and fast delivery of TV shows, IPTV allows viewers to time-shift -- to choose when to view the program they want.

Consumers may also become broadcasters, Lam said. Much like in blogging and podcasting, even individuals or groups without high-tech broadcasting facilities could set up their own TV shows, he said.

Source: http://business.inq7.net/money

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