Gaming on iTV: Can it Work in the U.S.

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I know my limits and one of them is research knowledge about addictions. I know very little about that subject. Unfortunately, from where I sit, betting on the horses is the #1 iTV application in Britain on BSkyB (Rupert Murdoch). Because Murdoch bought DirecTV, there's every reason to believe that gambling will be made available on DirecTalthoughhh I am also not an attorney and don't know the legalities involved. But guess what? Even if the gambling is just for fun with no wagers allowed, it could be a great way for DirecTV (and Echostar and the cablecos) to grab viewers. It might be a great advertising venue whether sponsors come from Los Vegas or from promotions for PPV programs, to name two.

So without any moral judgments, from me, I some how stumbleded upon a web site where the proprietors will be happy to partner with providers to offer electronic gambling on TV and now, of course, mobile phones. http://www.zone4play.com/ does include a video that shows their wares. Another industry about which I can profess no expertise is the "gaming" industry. I strongly suspect the players in that industry will have a keen eye on online gambling. In fact, they'd probably be delighted to have it legalized because they could stamp their well-known brands to their online gsmbling sites as opposed to "crazybruce.youbetyourlife.com" (yes, I made it up).


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