TiVo Flurry of Activity

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As a consumer, I'm a big fan of TiVo. As a student of new media, I've pondered their moves as a company and wonder (as many others have) why they don't partner or even sell out to another company with lots of cash. Nevertheless, TiVo announced a number of new offerings this week. Some of them look like technology solutions in search of problems (will people want to share photos on the TV when they can already do it well on their computers?).

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TiVo Online Services Priority List

Posted on December 1 2005 by Dave Zatz

Think those beta pics look slick? If so, register your Series 2 TiVo on the priority list to get Yahoo!, Fandango, Live365, and Podcaster features first!

FYI TiVo issued two press releases and spoke to USA Today about the new functionality. Additionally, they describe the services here. I’m betting they’re going to sell a lot of boxes this holiday season.

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