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Tracey Swedlow, "fellow" Buckeye and observer of Qube interative cable TV in the late 1970s, has noted on her web site. Clearly, Google is putting itself in a position (as is Yahoo!) to challenge existing providers of video service, often known as television broadcasters. I've got my catcher's mit ready to catch all those bits and bytes of information relevant to my needs, professional and personal/entertainment.

Right or wrong, I've been telling my students that Google is getting so large, that it may soon face the same kind of "deference" shown to another huge company, Microsoft, by would-be hackers or vandals. I don't know what Google's privacy statements say, but if hackers can crack credit card databases, does anyone really think Google will be immune? Google is amassing a great deal of information voluntarily from its users. As a user, I happen to be a big Google fan and have been since they came on the scene and blew away the other search engines on the web. But there is something to be said here along the lines of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Still, this is a boon for interactive television. Go Google Go!


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