Passing of Dr. Carl G. Klopfenstein, July 28, 2005

My dad passed away last Thursday and I'm here in my home town of Tiffin, Ohio doing what we have to do. Two of my brothers and I, along with the church's pastor, were pressent as he slipped away from this life and into the next. He had quite a career, including service in the military with the Army Signal Corps where he was stationed in the Mediterranean aboard the communication ship, the USS Catoctin. President Roosevelt was one of several world leaders to spend time on that ship. He lost 6 shipmates in one attack. He also had his gall bladder removed during WWII in an Italian hospital. His only sibling Donald was killed in the Battle of the Bulge on December 4, 1944.

He had a distinguished career, although as a card carrying member of Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation, he didn't talk about it, even when I pressed him. He was full of integrity, humililty and gave back more than 99% of us will in life. He will be missed not only by my family, but by 35 years' of students and professional colleagues in Tiffin and the surrounding area. He led a full and challenging life.


At 08 August, 2005 22:22, Blogger Kraig Klopfenstein said...

Hip Hip Hooray -to our dad, I say!

Bruce, you suprise me sometimes, including right now. Wonderful "blog" message and he did so much more than we ever knew because of how humble he was.

Your loving brother (most of the time)



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