Remember Progressive Rock MTV? Clues for Video Over IP

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http://www.sopcast.org/channel/ is a list of television stations from around the world that are available online. When MTV began, its playlist looked like it came straight out of college radio. Why? Because early music videos were produced to introduce new artists. The Internet has done the same thing: unknown bands love using the Internet to get their music out, and then they may change their tune once they become "popular."

In much the same way, niche video or television stations around the world may see the Internet as a great way to gain global audiences. There are a number of web sites that are tracking the availability of video on the web, and SopCast is just one example. TVU below is another:

Readers, please post others. My students, be sure to point out that you have posted sites so that I might give you extra credit.


At 11 September, 2007 12:51, Blogger Brian said...

Newsource 15 broadcasts a live feed from Grady everytime the show goes on air, and we're only a college news show (http://www.grady.uga.edu/Newsource15/Home.html)

Another thing I find worth mentioning is LoyalTV.com. This new website (where I have an internship currently) is home to user generated videos about consumer products and what they think about them. Its worth checking out.


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