Klopfenstein Stands By 1985 Forecast!

I have been telling my new media students for years that in the future our TV sets would include the brands Apple and IBM. I'm stunned that it too so long, but the day is at hand. Yes, Gateway 2000 and Dell have had TVs before, but finally Apple has one with its name one it.

So, this one goes down as one of my most optimistic forecasts ever. I was sure the computer manufacturers would come up with a monitor that could be used for TV and computing, and that consumers could save $hundreds by buying one screen, not 2. What I missed on was the fact that television until now has not followed the audio component model in which we buy separate radio receivers, amplifiers, CD players, etc., rather than having them bundled into one.

I will say I think the consumer electronics industry would have done well to bundle them instead of scaring everyone by saying "do that and if one part goes out, you're screwed!" Those words must have been spoke by a million polo shirts at consumer electronics stores around North America if not beyond. I've had a combo DVD/VCR player for years now, and even if one or the other "went down," I would have easily survived without repairing it. I'd either replace it, keep using the working side, or (oh, my!) been without it a week or less while it was repaired (doubt that would have been an economically sound decision at any point).

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