What does a native of Ohio, an OSU football fan since at least 1968, and an OSU alum twice over do with a blog on new media right now?

Singing Ohio State songs,

be back soon.


P.S. I knew Florida would score points off trick plays, but I didn't think Coach Tressel would let the team lose its edge. I never thought winning the Heisman would lead to Troy Smith reportedly missing practices and gaining 22 pounds since the Michigan game. Other players, if not the whole team, probably got these well-deserved tributes, but they should not have happened before January 9. I still love my Buckeyes (and root for my Georgia Bulldogs), and I look forward to seeing how many OSU juniors decide to come back to finish what they started. Finally, better to lose a game in which you can't say "if not for that 'bad call' or 'turnover'..." Better to lose soundly than 15-14 on a last second field goal.


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