Defining Interactive Television by Service

My definition for interactive television is at itvresearch.org. The dfinition is not permanent, but is evolving as new services are discussed and being implemented. I just found a phenomenal paper called "The Future for Interactive Television" by Geoff Vincent and Franni Vincent from 1996 (http://www.mediation.co.uk/futures/iTV.html accessed 18 September 2006). I have been working on definitions of interactive television since my graduate days at Ohio State, particularly via Dr. Steven Acker, who shared this quest.

This is a great paper for students, professors, policy makers, and others to review. It is one of those nuggets you so rarely find on the web. I should send a fruit basket to the authors, they did an excellent job.

You may use this content (better still, argue with me!), but please cite my ideas as © 2006, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein. Find any typos! Don't smite me, let me know!


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