Major TV Markets by PayTV & Broadband penetration

The credit for this interesting graph goes to:

Report: IP Television: Business Case Analysis & Global Forecasts (January 2005)

Author: Herve Utheza

Executive Editors: Michael Greeson, President, The Diffusion Group

May not be reproduced for commercial reproduction without permission.

Source: http://www.dslforum.org/latestnews/analyst_corner.html accessed 9 August 2006.

I appreciate visuals like this one (the day is approaching in which presenters will use three-dimensional projections. Think about walking through the data display of a future presenter. It will happen. (c) 2006, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein.

You may use this content (better still, argue with me!), but please cite my ideas as © 2006, Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein. Find any typos! Don't smite me, let me know!


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