Audience Behavior Reseach (Various)

I would love to have all the references for audience research on how interactive television and especially for now, DVR use, is affecing audience viewer behavior. The research is normally proprietary, meaning that it is not available publicly. When a market research firm produces a research report on a topic, they often release tidbits from the report to whet the appetites of those who would buy copies of the report (often costing around $2500) or become clients of the market research firm. The purpose of this posting will be, I hope, a repository of the miscelaneous audience research data that is released to the general public and, therefore, is intended to be widely distributed at no cost (so, copyright does not prevent reposting the material with proper citation.

Here is an example, albeit a somewhat old one (2004):

Source: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/6516.asp accessed 7 December 2006. This article included the following quote:

A study conducted by Lyra Research in 2004 showed that the longer the tenure of DVR ownership, the greater the percentage of ads skipped while watching time-shifted programs. In other words, as DVR users become comfortable with all the features of their device, they are more likely to use them.

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